Discover Your Unique Purpose

Discover Your Unique Purpose


As a Life Coach, I often find myself in discussions about “life purpose” and the longing many people have to figure out their calling or mission in life. We as humans innately feel a yearning for a greater sense of purpose. I personally, spent a good part of a year digging deep to uncover my purpose as well.

For the past few years, I have been a stay-at-home mom working part-time in a career that allowed me to utilize my creative talents and years of design experience, but had me longing for something more fulfilling. While I loved my time at home with my kids and the flexible work schedule, there were moments when a part of me felt lost and stagnated. Something seemed to be missing in my life.

It took a serious health scare, and the start of full-day kindergarten for my youngest, to force me to do some soul-searching about what I wanted to do with my life and my free time. I knew I wanted to make more of a difference – but I had no idea how, or even what that would entail.

Every soul has a purpose to fulfill

Since our soul comes into this lifetime with a purpose, I believe this knowledge or truth is already within each of us just waiting to be discovered. Sadly, many of us spend a lifetime searching outward for our purpose when it’s often right under our nose.

To maximize our uniqueness or discover our life purpose, we must learn to go inward in order to propel forward in growth.

Be your own archaeologist

Investing time to explore oneself and cultivate your gifts, talents and strengths should never be considered a selfish act. Once you know what you’re uniquely wired to do, you will have an opportunity to share this with the world as an expression of your purpose. Keep in mind, your purpose isn’t just your work or occupation, but the energy source from within. Your work may, or may not, simply be the vehicle for this expression.

It’s important to acknowledge that no other person has, or ever will have, the unique blend of talent, strengths and perspective that you do.

Digging deep

Finding your purpose takes time and patience. It may even be a continual work in progress – as your purpose can often change throughout your lifetime as you grow and evolve.

My unique purpose wasn’t something that I knew immediately. In fact, it was only after honest, soul-stirring questioning that I eventually came to realize I wanted to help others find confidence, strength, happiness and peace. Which is why I created the Discover Your Unique Purpose workbook to help others –like myself– find their “Why” through personal exploration.

Inside this FREE 10-page resource, is a number of self-discovery prompts meant to uncover your inner-most thoughts and guiding intuition. It’s a hands-on workbook that is broken out into 6 key areas of focus:

  1. Values – That which is most important to you in life. Your principles or standards of behavior.
  2. Passion – Whatever makes you come alive or lights you up.
  3. Talents, Gifts & Strengths – Your natural abilities and personal strengths.
  4. Experience – Your background, knowledge or participation that has allowed you the opportunity to gain perspective and insight.
  5. Inspiration – That which sparks your curiosity or motivates you.
  6. Goals & Aspirations – Your desires or vision for the future.

Why not start your personal journey to uncovering YOUR “Why” today?

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Discover Your Unique Purpose workbook!


Stay open-minded…you may be surprised to read what comes out of your discovery!





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