What is

life coaching?

Today’s world is busier and more fast paced than ever before.  To meet its demands, we’ve become masterful doers with a mindset that busy is better, more is best.

Unfortunately, this means that we often sacrifice some of life’s most precious, significant moments.  Moments to pause and savor the present.  Moments that foster purpose and intention behind our actions, and opportunities to clarify what we truly desire for the future.

Coaching can help you navigate this complex world.  By meeting you where you are and identifying your strengths, we’ll work together to unlock your potential, expand your vision for the future, overcome obstacles and define practical, actionable steps toward your goals.

Many types of coaching practices focus on business, career, health and wellness, family or finance.  Life coaching applies a more holistic approach with a fundamental understanding that all of these areas of life are actually intertwined.  It’s common to explore multiple areas of focus during a personal life coaching session.

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The coaching


No matter what you’re looking to achieve or change in your life, the coaching process will almost always address four distinct areas of focus throughout our time together:  awareness, vision, strategy & action, and obstacles.  The initial phase of our journey will have us examining where you are in the present moment and exploring where you want to be in the future.  Only after clarifying your desires, and assessing your goals and unique strengths, can we begin to brainstorm and layout your plan of action.  And because life is littered with many unforeseen challenges and road blocks, we’ll also be sure to address any potential obstacles and adjust your path to success accordingly.

If you’re looking for a coach to tell you what to do with your life or how to do it, you’ve come to the wrong place.  Receiving suggestions or direction from external sources can only take you so far.  The truth is, the “ah-ha” moments are the most transformative when they’re uncovered by you.  While our journey together as life coach and client will be collaborative, the true intent of a coach is to be a facilitator.  The coaching process is designed to inspire independent problem solving through thought-provoking discussion so you can discover, define and own your goals.

Coaching vs. counseling

It’s important to point out that while the practice of coaching and counseling may seem similar in many ways, they are still very different.  A counselor or therapist is a medical professional that is trained to deal with healing past issues, addiction, depression or a traumatic experience that is emotionally or physically affecting the present.  In contrast, a coach is trained to assist in setting the foundation for the future, build on strengths and gifts, and support clients in achieving goals and life fulfillment for those already in an emotionally healthy place.
Where does

Coaching take place?

Most often, coaching sessions take place over the phone or via an online conferencing software such as uberconference.com.  This offers a simple and convenient way to fit coaching into your schedule without added travel time or the need to meet at a designated location.  Other than your phone, all you really need is a quiet space with no distractions to focus on the conversation.  E-mail-only sessions are available, as well as face-to-face coaching sessions for clients in the Twin Cities area.
How many

Sessions are required?

Since life coaching is a very personalized process, the number of sessions needed will depend on what you are looking to accomplish through coaching.  Most people come to a life coach with a particular goal in mind.  In order to achieve this, we strive to set smaller, attainable, action-based goals that need to be completed between each session.  For some, this may take as little as 3-4 sessions over a period of a couple months, and for others it may be closer to 8-12 sessions over the course of six months to a year.

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