Tis the Season to Give and Receive

Tis the Season to Give and Receive


The hustle and bustle of the holidays and year-end deadlines can be a crazy time, but it’s also the season to give and receive.  We usually think of this in terms of gifts bought and wrapped in colorful paper, or meals and delicious goodies made to share with others.  Donating time or money to a good cause is another form of giving, and receiving the benefits of these efforts are life saving for many.

But have you ever thought about giving to yourself, and being open to receiving it?

I’m not talking about new clothes or pretty jewelry.  What I’m talking about is intentional reflection for personal and purposeful growth.

Consider giving yourself time to review the past year in order to receive clarity, find growth opportunities, and explore new endeavors in the upcoming year.

Before the holiday madness completely takes hold, I encourage you to take a few moments to look back on the past twelve months.  Use the questions below as a way to leverage what you’ve learned, jump start the new year, and expand your dreams for the future.

GIVE time and energy to reflection.
Your WIN’s

1.  What are you most proud of from this past year?
2.  What were some of your achievements or wins?

{ Celebrating even the small wins is important! }

Your YAY’s

1.  What did you experience this past year that brought you great joy?
2.  What sparked passion in you or got you excited?

The NAY’s

1.  What activities, obligations, or people caused you unnecessary stress and anxiety?
2.  What negative behaviors or destructive beliefs were energy drainers for you this past year?

The OOPs’

1.  What mistake(s) did you make this past year?
2.  What was the lesson you learned from it?


RECEIVE clarity, growth and a gateway to new possibilities.

1.  What do you need/want to spend more time doing in the upcoming year?

{ Are you passionate about your work?  Your relationships?  It’s important to enjoy yourself and your journey.  If you’re not, maybe it is time for a change in your routine, career, or relationship. }


2.  What might you need to stop doing or start saying NO to in the future?

{ Try replacing negative behaviors or bad habits with positive new ones.  Is there any obligations or activities that you can delegate?  What will letting go of some of these things leave room for? }


3.  What do you want to accomplish in the year ahead?  Make a list of your goals.

{ Reviewing and revising your personal goals is an important exercise that can be done year-round.  Your goals may be entirely new, or they may be modifications of existing ones.  Either way, they should be adaptable in order to stay on target to your success. }


This year, give yourself the gift of intentional reflection for personal and purposeful growth.  You won’t be disappointed!


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