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My goal as a lifestyle coach + creative mentor is to assist in taking you from where you are today to where you aspire to be.  To see you create a life you love.  I’ll walk alongside you during a time of transition and help you embrace lasting change by helping you set achievable, yet aspirational goals.

I am fully committed to helping you reach your dreams by offering my support and encouragement with a non-judgmental and positive attitude.  My ultimate intention when you work with me is to see you unlock your potential, discover the life you are meant to live, and ultimately achieve your goals.

I simply ask that my clients come with a readiness to invest in their future, a strong desire for change, and the willingness to be open and honest with me — and most importantly, themselves.  Success and transformation is dependent upon a commitment by the client to set aside adequate time for our sessions and completing the action steps we discuss and develop during that time.

If you’re ready to take a leap of faith in yourself, I would love to work with you!

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my background

Ihave worked in the creative industry for more than 20 years as a designer and director building brands, developing products, and customizing marketing strategies.  By listening to my clients’ needs and goals, I’ve been able to support their efforts in establishing and enhancing the way they communicate their vision.

It wasn’t until I felt the pull towards becoming a life coach that I discovered how much these two career paths had in common.

Coaching and design both require being able to see a vision and bring it into being.  They depend on the ability to listen with intent to truly understand the need or desire, and combine empathy, creativity and rationality to facilitate change.

I believe that life is an art and everyone is creating their own masterpiece every day.  By merging my experience and knowledge from these two fields I am able to offer a unique perspective and service to those who work with me.

{ Received coaching accreditation from The Life Breakthrough Academy }

Personalized & flexible

Coaching Packages

A variety of coaching packages are available so you can choose one that best fits your needs, budget and schedule.  Each 60-minute session is devoted entirely to you and the areas you wish to address.  To varying degrees, we’ll examine where you are today, assess your individual strengths, define your vision and purpose for the future, brainstorm ways to navigate obstacles, and set attainable action steps.

* Customized homework, personal assessments for growth, and email support is also provided between sessions.

Introductory pkg.
3 Sessions
One-time, New Customer Rate!
Get Unstuck
Reset Your Momentum
Jump Start Transformation
Discover package
6 Sessions
Two a Month for 3 Months
Define Your Vision
Overcome Obstacles/Road Blocks
Set Actionable Goals
Manifest package
12 Sessions
Two a Month for 6 Months
Set Personal/Career Goals
Expand Your Vision for the Future
Manifest Your Success

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